Elite Matchmaking

Elite Matchmaking offers a very target specific and personalized approach to the matchmaking process.

We start by conducting face to face interviews with each client to ensure that we understand his/her specific needs and expectations. Background checks are conducted to ensure safety and security. Our personal and professional touch and style allow for a comfortable and safe environment throughout the entire matchmaking process. Our staff is provided with the tools and industry knowledge enabling us to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients on their journey of finding someone special.

Upon joining Elite, every client has his/her personal matchmaker who not only searches for potential matches, but also provides guidance and coaching throughout the process. Contrary to other matchmaking services, Elite believes in the active participation of its clients throughout the whole matchmaking process. We require our clients to provide us with their feedback as we are working with them together on what is arguably the most important project of their lives. Every match and ongoing feedback provides us with additional insight that goes so much deeper than a simple list of match preferences. Every match and date is an opportunity for you to learn something more about yourself based on our professional recommendations; in turn, it is an opportunity for us to further refine our search. We strongly believe that only through such joint efforts our clients are able to reach their relationship goals.

Compatibility and finding someone with equal goals are essential to the process of carefully pre- screening and selecting the best candidates for you. Each suggested match is selected based on core values, personality traits, lifestyle, background, education, spirituality and life goals. Safety is also a key factor at Elite and background checks are performed before the actual matchmaking process starts.

Every day the Elite Matchmaking staff is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and successful dating experience. Our clients have made Elite America’s leading personalized relationship company. In turn, we feel proud and privileged to have made a significant positive impact on the lives of our clients and their loved ones.