My Clients

Roni attracts upscale, sophisticated, very successful professionals who are all interested in meeting someone with whom they can get into a meaningful and long-lasting relationship in a discreet and confidential way. Her clients date on their own all the time but they have yet to find that “special someone” with whom to share all of their successes. Roni’s clients are very busy individuals so they hire Roni and her staff to focus on “quality” over quantity.

All of Roni’s clients are college-educated or self made, many have graduate degrees and many are leaders or up and
comers in some of the largest cities nationwide, business, legal, medical and creative communities. More specifically, Roni’s clients consist of CEO’s of Major Corporations, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Presidents of Companies, Producers, Studio Executives, High Level Executives of Investment Banks, Lawyers, Doctors, Models and A list Actors and Actresses to name a few.

These clients are driven and success-oriented. They tend to travel extensively, eat at the finest restaurants, attend the theatre, admire and acquire art, and patronize many of the most worthy and visible charities in their city. They have worked hard to succeed in their professions and now they are ready to enjoy life and all it has to offer with a like minded partner.