Success Stories

“Roni, I am forever thankful to you and the Elite staff for pushing me outside my comfort zone. I know it was a bit of a challenge but I am very grateful for the feedback and guidance that aided in my success.”

“Thank you so much Roni for your time and patience in helping me face the next chapter of my life.”

“Just writing to say hello. Oscar and I moved in together and we both feel happy and lucky to have each other. We are planning on buying a house together at the end of summer and when he went home to Hawaii he met my son. 🙂 I have just talked to a co-worker and told him about Elite and you finding me a wonderful partner.”

“It is very hard to find men whose intentions are actually a committed relationship. Being an attorney, I don’t have the time to be at the bars, clubs, etc and don’t feel safe putting my info online. I have only had one match but we have seen each other 3 times and he far exceeds what I was looking for. He’s successful, confident, secure, caring, genuine and such a gentleman. I wanted to reach out and thank the staff.”
“Roni, I wish to hereby express to you my complete satisfaction in the personal value and heartfelt care and service you provided during this past year. During the process of meeting very lovely women, via your introductions, and through your perseverance, you introduced me to Natalie, with whom I have been dating and enjoying since last August. The aged proverb, “patience is a virtue” was applicable in this scenario, as I trust that you may also implore this position with other members; certainly to their benefit.”

“Hi Roni – Pete and I met through you on March 9, 2009. We were married this past Saturday. We have 3 children between us and are expecting our daughter in July!”
“We got married 2/2/2012! Almost a year after you first introduced us, even in our 70’s we knew we were meant to be together. Kudos to you Roni.”
“Good Morning Roni, had some developments over the holidays and the New Year is off to a great start, Joe and I are engaged!!! We cant thank you enough for introducing us and all your support.”
“Roni, we are still seeing each other and I’m enjoying his company very much. As much as I protested (to his age) when you introduced us, he is a lovely person and his personality is a great compliment to mine. Amazing that your first pick for me was accurate. I doubt that I would have been interested in him if I had seen him on the internet. Thank you so much!”
“I never thought a service would live up to my expectations. Yours surpassed them. Bravo!”